Unable to generate any sort of Narrative reports on my win10 laptop

When I try to generate any sort of Narrative report it just freezes on the report page and I have to use Task manager to close RM8. I have had multiple sessions with support, sending them my file and remote controle of my laptop. They can’t get my file to generate reports either and cannot offer any solution. Tried disabling my Norton Antivirus and Firewall but no good. Support say they have not had any body else report this?
Any ideas would be welcome.

Are you able to generate all other reports or is the Narrative the only one not working?
Does it NOT work on a specific database (can you open a different database and it work?)
No immediate fix comes to mind, just troubleshooting ideas.

Further to @MadDog 's questions, a longstanding issue with RM reports has been excessive footnotes freezing the system. Try the narrative without sources and then with citations as endnotes, not footnotes. The problem arises when the footnotes take up so much space on a page that RM’s report writer gets flummoxed with pagination. That’s not an issue with endnotes which can be of any length.

Do you have a printer hooked up to the computer?

not hooked up only wifi. what difference does that make as I just want to create a report and save to PDF but nothing generates.

How do I generate a narrative without sources? I can’t see how to leaveout End notes and places as well? I can do all that in RM7 but not 8?
Thanks for your input.

When you are creating the narrative report, the left panel (Settings) has a References section at the very bottom of the panel. You may need to scroll down. There will be a Sources line, click on it. This will slide out the ‘Source Settings’ panel. The top line is ‘Citation Type’. Click the dropdown and there is an option for no sources there.

Found them. Thanks very much can generate all the reports now with these turned off.

Thanks done that and have turned off sources, Places and Names. Guess what I can now generate all the Narrative reports. Thanks so much I can’t believe the hours I’ve spent on this and Roots 8 support had no solutions.

Took TomH advice and it all works okay. Thanks for your input.

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be sure to submit fix to tech support so they can at least add it to the long list of needed bug fixes.

Thanks for this explanation!

I was playing around with narrative reports to see if I could use one as a quick way to generate research notes. Since I want the information from the ‘research note’ portion of the citation in my research notes, I wanted them included when printing the sourcing. I was trying to use Footnotes since that is how I want my research notes formatted.

From your explanation, I realize that to get all of the information I want printed, I will need to use ENDNOTES vs FOOTNOTES. Since I ultimately want the information from the ‘research note’ field in the citation as an indented quote in the body of the report, I can hopefully cut/paste that info in Word and then hopefully convert the endnotes to footnotes.