Duplicate merge and sync

I recently automerged duplicates and then when I went to sync with ancestry it didn’t give me the option to sync the merged people as changes only to delete the redundancies. What happened to these merges? I dont remember their names so I cant check on ancestry.

Automerge doesn’t really provide you a record of who was merged. Automerge won’t do the merge unless the two people being merged are pretty much identical. So one way to think about what AutoMerge is doing is that it is deleting the redundancies in your RM database for you.

So it seems to me that after the AutoMerge in RM you could use RM to identify those redundancies in Ancestry for you so you can delete them. So you sort of have a record of what AutoMerge did by comparing your RM database with your Ancestry tree. If they are real redundancies, then deleting the redundancies in Ancestry should amount to the same thing as merging the redundancies .

There are a couple of possible gotchas to look out for. One possible gotcha is that “pretty much identical” may not be the same as “exactly identical”. For that reason, I very seldom use AutoMerge and I do all my merges manually. The other is that I don’t know for sure how AutoMerge handles relationships - parents, spouses, and children. For example, I think that if a man has a wife and children and another man with identical name, sources, facts, and media files has no wife and children that the result of the Automerge is that merged person will still have the wife and children. But I’m a little fuzzy right now about how AutoMerge handles that situation. Those are the kinds of issues that persuade me to do manual merges instead of AutoMerge.