Diamonds With ? in RM9 Notes [update]

When I “Paste in Plain Text” from Pages into RM9 Notes, I get multiple rows of diamonds that contain a question mark.
Does anyone know what this is?

I am using Macos Big Sur 11.7.4, RM9, update This occurred only when I updated to

That is an indication that the current selected font for notes does not have a glyph (font character) that can represent that symbol. Changing fonts will likely find some that can represent that symbol.

TY! Do you think with this latest update I now have to change fonts in Pages before pasting into Notes? BTW, the diamonds showed up when publishing a Family Group Sheet. When I deleted the diamonds in the Note, they didn’t show in the FGS.

With any version of RootsMagic -and- any other program using that particular font… those particular paste(s) of text will show substitution of that diamond glyph wherever the unsupported symbol(s) would have appeared. Specials (Unicode block) - Wikipedia

You, in effect, deleted that symbol/character… so it wasn’t there to display/print.

Thanks for the link. If I understand this correctly, the diamond Replacement Character replaces a character for which there is no font. If so, that is not what is occurring here. The diamond Replacement Character appears at the end of the last sentence of my text. Sometimes it’s only one and sometimes its 10 rows of diamonds.

In any event, until there is a fix for this and the lost copy/paste commands, I will just delete them and march on!

Thanks again!

No representation of the particular symbol(s) exist in that font and thus diamond question marks are mere placeholders. Other fonts may have double, triple or more of of the number of supported symbol representations. Making note of what you intend to paste and comparing to what ends up will reveal what’s unsupported. Trying other richer font sets may be able to display the original character/symbol.

There is no problem (with regard to these replacement character placeholders) to “fix”.
EDIT: Seeing Renee’s reply that a programming “tool” fix has been requested. I take back my statement (offered only in terms of “perceived” general operation in computer principles). I’m super glad your problem can be resolved.

I saw them with RM in Media when copying from the Filename field to the Description field. For me they seem to be a precursor to AV errors. The same happens with RM

Sometimes I see just one. Other times I get another character alternating between the inverse diamond question marks. Here’s an example with upper case Ys:

intel Mac running Ventura 13.2.1 w/32GB memory

It’s an issue in the development tools, we are waiting on an update they said will fix it.

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