Delete all of a specific fact type

Is there a way to delete all facts of a specific type without using SQLite? I’ve received some GEDCOM files that were apparently created by FTM and they have a lot of _UPD and Race custom facts I’d like to delete en-masse.

Since these are custom facts rather than built-in facts such as Birth and Death, you can just delete them from the Fact Type List. You will get a warning that the Fact Type is in use, and you tell it to delete the Fact Type anyway.

If it were built-in facts that you wanted to delete en-masse, it would not be so easy.

Go to Tools, Remove a fact from everyone, to delete them by fact type.

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What if a person has thousands of Fact Types that are strange titles? For instance, “All children were at her side at her death…” I assume from a newspaper article when I downloaded my tree from Ancestry. Or I have also names (I assume from titles of photos) but mostly it seems to be from
How to I get rid of these strange Fact Types that really aren’t Fact Types?

You can delete a custom Fact Type from the Fact Type List which will remove it from every person to which a fact of that type has been added. If you have thousands of these in your Fact Type List, the bad news is that you can only delete one Fact Type at a time using the RM user interface.

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Thank you, TomH, I was afraid of that. I wish they had a way to put it all back to a default fact type and get rid of these strange ones I have from weird places. I don’t think there is a way to prevent it from happening as a download from Ancestry.

There is by operating directly on the RM database with a sqlite manager.