Treeshare added people to my fact type list

In March after doing a Treeshare with RM-9 I noticed in the fact type list people were added to the list. Do I just delete these people from the fact list or what? Thanks

I’d say deleting these curious fact types is the only logical course of action. If any have been used, you woll be warned and can investigate where.

It mystifies me that TreeShare could possibly have created them.

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I am a supporter of the fact list not containing simple matters. I wanted to delete these, but I checked if they are married on the Family page.

Are the name-only fact-types all Female only?

Before you delete check the Ancestry tree to see if you have custom facts with those names as labels. I’ve seen this happen on FamilySearch when people just add things wrong. They do the same thing with place names. No reason the same can’t be taking place on Ancestry.

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