Color code for individual databases

Is there a way to save each of your individual databases as different colors?
This way they will open up in the color that I save them in.
This will help when working with two databases; I know that I will not mistake one for the other.
I thought I saw somewhere where you could save your individual databases as different colors but I can’t find it. Or maybe I am imagining that I saw it somewhere.

Settings tab => Gear icon => Database Color

The database must be open to set its color. Just having RM open without having a database open does not allow you to set a database color.

Yes, I did realize that you had to have a database open to set the color.
Let me rephrase the question.
If I have two databases, for example Smith and Jones.
When I open the Smith database, I would like it to be the green color.
When I open the Jones database, I would like it to be the blue color.
Is there a way to save each database to the colors that I want them to open as?

Open the Smith database and set it to green. The green will be remembered each time you open it.

At this point, the Jones database will still have the default color and will not be set to green.

Open the Jones database and set it to blue. The blue will be remembered each time you open it.

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This does not work unless I am doing something wrong.
If I open the Smith database and go into settings → Display and change it to Blue and close the database. Then I open the Jones database and set it to green and close it.
Now when I open the Smith database up it open in green. It will only open in the color you set the last color change to.
Am I doing something wrong? is there a way to set the colors for each database?

I can’t picture what might be different between my databases and yours. I actually get two different databases with two different colors, and RM8 does remember which is which. I’ve attached a screenshot of two databases with different color coding. The color coding is in the title bar the top of the screen.

Jerry, thanks for getting back to me on this.
Are you setting your colors in the left side panel in Settings → Display or someplace else?
This may also have something to do with the SQLite Error 11 that I am getting right now. I will try this again after I get the error resolved.

I have the same experience as Attroll. I set the color of my main database as blue with an appropriate background color, closed the database. Then opened my “trials and experiments” database, changed it’s color to red, then closed the data base. I then opened my main database again, and the color scheme was Red. I tried several times with different databases and no matter which one I open, it was in the color last set.
I have not received any error messages, or had the program crash for several weeks.
I am setting the color via Settings > display > color

Something I just thought of ( and not sure if it matters) is that after setting the color, I “close the file” and then open the next file. I wonder if it makes a difference if one closes the program, runs the backup and then reopens the program and another file.
I will give this sequence a try and see if it makes a difference in how the color setting is saved.

I just tried two scenarios:
Opened program from program icon, changed colors in file 1 to blue and then closed the program. Opened the program from program icon, closed file 1, opened file 2, changed color to red then closed program. Opened the program, closed file 2 and opened file 1 again. It was red, the color last set for file 2.
Open program from the program icon, open file 1, change color to blue and closed program. Opened file 2 by clicking on the program file itself, it had changed to blue, change color to red and closed the program. Open file 1 by clicking on the file itself, the color was red.
No matter which path I used to open the program, the color for any file was the color last set.
Unless there is another setting someplace, I cannot duplicate Jerry’s ability to have different colors for different files.

I just tried with two files open at the same time, one on open on each monitor. If I change the color setting in one file, it automatically changes the color in the other file.

Difference Found
There is a database color setting under Settings > General Settings > Database color
Mine was set at “default”
Changing this setting changed the color of the top bar where the title of the File is shown,(the Red or Dark Blue “bars” in Jerry’s posted image) and stays set with the database after closing and opening - per Jerry’s experience.
The setting in Settings > Display > theme color (which where I have been previously changing the color) only changes the color in the “working windows” if something other than “default” is selected under General settings. But changing this setting will change the title bar if “default” is selected in the General settings.

I have been changing the database color, not the theme color. I have been changing the color with both databases open. I have not been using the default database color at all. This information is just in case it makes any differences.

With colors in place for both databases, I changed the theme color for one of them to silver. At this point, RM8 basically crashed. The colors for the database and the theme started blinking back and forth quickly, rendering RM8 unusable, and the only way to stop the blinking was to shut down RM8. Upon restarting RM8 and opening both databases, all the blinking was gone and the colors were as I had set them. The theme color affected both databases. The database color for each of them was different and just as I had set them.

Windows 10, RM