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I had everything working perfectly in RM9 … then my laptop crashed (for other reasons, most user stupidity). I re-installed and that worked, but now I cannot change the colour of the database from the default mint green. I use the database colour to remind what project I’m working on (I have four different databases).

Has anyone run into a problem with being unable to change the database colour in settings? All the choices are there, but no matter what I select, the same mint colour remains.

Thanks for any help or insight and have a great day.

To add the database color band at the top go to Settings, General Settings and select the Database Color. Click where it says default. If you are looking for the Theme color that is under Settings, Display Settings.

I know that’s how you do it. That’s how I’ve always done it. But it doesn’t have any effect. I’m wondering if it missed some colour files or something on the re-install …

As far as I know, there are only 2 things you can change-- the theme which is the green right now
and the background color
The theme is the same for all databases-- the background color also ends up being the same

So open your 1st file then go to settings and then click on the monitor-- the options are Green, Blue, Red, Purple or Silver-- choose the one you want and you should see it automatically change…
Right below Theme Color is Background color–click on that and move the little circle to whatever shade you want-- you can also move the bar on the right hand side of the colors to get to more purples whatever.

you will not notice a change until you go back to the people page–that said I did have 3 databases that I was able to change to different colors

But sometimes they would change to the last color set while still open-- they always convert to the last color picked when you close them ( and so do all your databases)

Be sure you’re logged into the Windows user name that was in use when the program was installed, because some program settings are stored in folders of that particular user.

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The database color which adds a colored band at the top is found here. It should be stored in the database file itself.

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Thanks so much for your help and suggestions. I re-installed RM9 and all seems to be fine now. Again, I really appreciate the quick and detailed troubleshooting. Have a great weekend.