I am having color change problems

I did something that changed background colors (ped/fam views), and the highlight bar color when you have the person’s profile page open to make corrections or changes. How do I get back to OEM colors? I’ve tried deleting the program and reinstalling to no avail. Changing the theme color(s) does nothing to help.

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Did you try changing the Background color?-- right below Theme color in Settings under monitor and uncheck or check High contrast…

Also under the gear setting there is Database color which may say DEFAULT or chose what you want-- I thought this only had to do with the bar that has the name of your database at the top BUT worth a try…

Some of the report settings /resent options can be a big quirky.
You are talking about view not reports correct?
can you provide a screenshot?
Display settings are below

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. YOU helped me fix it. The “use a higher visibility . . etc” was checked. I removed it, and presto, everything is back to normal. Thanks again. Chuck Taylor

Thank you, but all of the things that you mentioned, with the exception of the High Contrast, were unchanged. The High Contrast changed the highlight bar on the profile page was suddenly so dark it was near impossible to read. After unchecking the HC, it’s now back to pale blue like it always was. Thank you!

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