Choosing the good report to print out all the data entered on a character?

Which report should I choose to print out all the data entered on a character?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to print out all the information entered on a character.
However, there are several options available to me, none of which allows me to publish all the data relating to this character. Do you have a solution?

Individual summary

  • Notes are associated with individual facts. However, in the Individual summary, the notes are dissociated from the facts. It’s difficult to find your way around because the notes are not formatted and the titles are not included in the details (only fact and date are included).
  • In addition, the notes associated with the person field are not published, and we do not know the list of associated media.

Narrative report

  • The list of facts is not published, but the notes associated with these facts are.
  • On the other hand, the notes associated with the person field are found at the end of the text, whereas for me this field is used to summarize the character’s career and then go into detail about the facts.
  • This report integrates the marriage with its notes and the life of the wife or husband, but without the facts.
  • the media list is missing

In short, it is not possible to have all the data entered in a single document. It would be logical for the Narrative Report to integrate all this data, as it’s easier to delete than to add. But perhaps I haven’t fully understood the reporting possibilities?

There is not a perfect solution, but you can improve the narrative report a bit.

I have moved away from General notes because I can’t control the placement of such notes. Instead, I have fact types which are really only a note. But doing it that way, I can place the note wherever it needs to go. For example, such notes could go even before the birth fact. You would probably not want to print a date or place or anything like that as a part of the sentence template for such facts. Instead, you will have an empty or almost empty sentence template and only the Note field for the fact will print. You can put the facts in place via the use of sort dates.

You can get the Marriage fact into each spouse’s personal timelines by sharing the Marriage fact with each spouse. You will have to define a role for the marriage fact and define a sentence for the role.

You are out of luck on the media.