Individual Fact Sheet

Is there a way to print an individual fact sheet for each person in my database including all the media attached to that one person?

The Individual Summary sheet is not designed to show media - just Facts. / marr/ Souse and Children.
Unfortunately. unless you create a book there is nothing close. Creating a book to show what you are asking for ALL people is not currently possible in RM

The Fact List report is a NO-GO. It not only doesn’t include media, yet, but also cannot generate sourced and unsourced facts together in a report.

The Life Story function in Ancestry is pretty good but I’d like to see something that more mimic’s the old data sheets for an individual person along with their supporting media gallery. Do you know how to make this request?

Making a request to RootsMagic for consideration of such things amounts to either Renee posting an acknowledgment comment in this post that the topic has been forwarded or after a brief wait… you’d create a new topic with request as the associated “tag”.

You could generate a batch of Individual Summary reports from RM7 which might include the primary photo of each person but not all the photos you would see in their Media Album. There should be the same capability in RM9 but I vaguely recall there being an issue - maybe it crashed on so many.

There is no way to batch print a “Scrapbook” report for each person.

Feature request should be sent to-

Did you what to print the media for each person, or just the file names of the media files? (Can’t print an audio recording etc.)

Did you want to include media attached to sources and citations attached to the person and the person’s facts?

I was thinking an individual fact sheet with the ability to have a profile photo and the photos/documents in the media gallery but not necessarily everything. The “LifeStory” in Ancestry does a pretty good job of presenting an individual’s story but it seems that a database “report” option that can focus on the details/notes/text for a single person and incorporate as “attachments” the docs/photos in the gallery would be a better option. I think Family Tree Magazine may have sample forms that can be filled in in handwriting that accomplish this purpose.

Thank you!