Scrapbook with family members and printing out summarys

Hi… I’ve searched and searched and still in question about my query, that which i think is two part… ( at least )

#1. How do I find, out of the hundreds of people I have in my history, do I find which/who have scrapbook entries which can be printed out…

that being said… once i determine who all have scrapbooks.

#2 How do I print each of those out and A. is there a simple way to print them all out, or B. do I have to print each one separate ?

in the perfect world ( IMHO ) i could select which scrapbook files to print with each report and/BUT found no simple way to print out each scrapbook to add to a individual summary ( even tho its not working right now ) and no actual way to determine with out going person by person to find who has scrapbook entries.

thanks for any help and any suggestions

You could run the Multimedia List report with Individuals and Events included. It would show who has media connected to them. Run the list for Family separately since that would be a different scrapbook to select for printing. You do need to print each scrapbook separately.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH… that was quite the help… took me a bit to figgure it out, BUT I CAME OUT ON TOP AND GOT IT ! Awesome help… in front of my eyes and i didn’t see it