RM Narrative Reports for Ancestors (& children) not printing facts for Generation 1

I’m trying to print a Narrative Report of type “Ancestors and Children” in RM The person I have selected for the base of the chart (i.e., generation 1) has a number of facts entered for them, including a Birth, a Marriage , a Seperation, a Divorce, an occupation, etc. When I generate the report, none of these facts, except for the Birth, appear in the report.

Although I don’t have a death date for the individual in generation 1, yet, the living flag for this person is unchecked (indicating they are dead). I have the option to “include private facts” checked, even though none of my facts for this individual are marked private. Further, each of these fact types is marked to be printed in Narrative reports. (I’m pretty much using the RM9 default settings as I started a new tree on a clean install of RM9).

The facts for subsequent generations appear to be printing in the Narrative Report ok as far as I can tell, but I only have a few entered at this point (so can’t be completely sure).

Since the person in generation #1 recently died and I am trying to generate his information for his family, he is the main subject of interest. Seems like the marriage to his wife, his seperation, his divorce, his occupation etc. should be showing up.

So my questions is, why won’t facts print for the 1st generation in Ancestor & Children Narrative reports ? Is this actually the intended design of this report? If so, that seems kind of arbitrary and useless. I know I could get his facts by entering his kids as generation 1, but in this case no children are entered (his children don’t want their data in the report). Further, I am not intending to research his wife’s lines, so her side of the tree coming up from the children would be completely empty anyway .

BTW, I’m running RM9 on MacOS Monterey (12.6.3).

That’s the design of the report.

The start person on an Ancestor Narrative won’t show their descendants or family facts.

It is “by design” that only Individual facts (not Family facts such as marriage, divorce, family census, ETC) are reported. The base generation is the individual, as an individual, in this case, representing the most recent generation of a family tree going backwards.

The “hack” you could employ (to get Family facts into that individual)… would be to add a temporary “dummy” child named Generation 1 or Most Recent or any symbol or character of your choosing. Then make that your base generation.

The fact sentence for this should be in the report somewhere. Recheck

If it were me, I’d just run Individual Summary report, and just provide both reports.

I really wish that users could have the option to print family facts for generation 1 in a Narrative report. They are no less relevant for Generation 1, than they are for Generations 2, 3, …etc. The workarounds suggested are rather kludgy. Other genealogy programs managed to provide such functionality, so I don’t perceive it as an impossibility.

Maybe a little late BUT I checked my test database and found that in Generation 1, I did have the marriage info as well as all his other PERSONAL FACTS including occupation…


The reason the marriage fact showed up in the report is because I had a customized Marriage Association fact----- would think that you could customize a separation and divorce Association fact also…