Ancestry TreeShare - All changes processed yet last one stays on screen

If you use TreeShare, and you’ve worked through all the cases where a change has been detected, the last “case” stays on the screen. It took me a while to realize this was happening. Now that I’m onto this behavior I can click “Logout” in the upper right corner, or “Close” in the lower right corner. I think it would be best if Ancestry stopped displaying the last case after it has been updated (or the “No difference” selection has been clicked) to minimize confusion.

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Try toggling off the “Show only changed people” checkbox to refresh the screen.

Thank you. I will do that next time it happens and report back to you. However I assume this is a diagnostic suggestion and not a proposed method to substitute for a code change. The continued popping up of the last change can go undetected. When it first happened to me it took me several iterations to realize the same change was popping up repeatedly. I don’t remember how it worked in RM7 but it certainly wasn’t like this.

I had one case with a difference, I copied the birth date from RM to Ancestry Treeshare, then after it processed it continued to show the case as if it had an unresolved difference (although it no longer appeared in the difference list on the left). I did what you suggested, removed “Show only changed people” (which got me a much larger list), and then switched back to “Show only changed people” mode. This made the single case which didn’t go away before disappear - in other words the two columns (RM and FS) were empty. This is what it should have done automatically once the last “changed people” case was processed. Isn’t there a way that the program can be fixed to automatically remove the last resolved changed-person entry?