Ancestry text files downloaded via treeshare all have broken links


I have just downloaded a tree with c55,000 people from Ancestry to RM 9 using treeshare. After a couple of problems, the results look good. One small problem is that I have a few hundred broken media links, none of which is fixed by the fix broken links tool.

Thanks to JillV’s tip I have been able to find the files. So far as I can see, they are all text files that I typed or copied/pasted into the Ancestry gallery. The problem here is very simple; treeshare has downloaded them all as .html files, but the links to all of them have been created to .jpg files.

This seems to be a bug in treeshare which it should be fairly easy to fix.

I have tagged this post as a feature request, because there does not seem to be a tag for bug report.


This sounds like a problem from Ancestry generously passed on rather than created by RM9. Perhaps you can try simply Find/Replace .html with .jpg in the appropriate files/folders–carefully. Then use the fix media tool.

Confirming this issue with HTML files receiving a .jpg extension in the media filename on download has been reported to development. Changing the extension from .jpg to .html in the media filename fields should repair it.

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Thanks for this Renee.