Working with Media

I’ve just found a way that might find broken media links without resorting to scanning the media gallery for the dreaded little red crosses!

  1. Go to the Publish Icon on the Side Bar > All Reports and Charts > Multimedia List

  2. Run the report for everyone and all media (unless you are aware of what item or type of media file might have the broken link). Be warned - the report does seem to take a while to generate!

  3. Once the report has been generated save as an Excel report

  4. Open the report in Excel and there will be two columns headed “Name” and “Media”.

  5. Filter the columns, and in the “Media” column search for NOT FOUND. (For me, these files were the first on the list). I’m guessing you could also save the file to Word and search for NOT FOUND but I didn’t test this.


  1. Review both the name and the filename path (after the [NOT FOUND]) and this should then provide direction where the media file might have been refiled or how it might have been renamed.

I deliberately broke some links as I wanted to test how to find broken links without scanning.

I did this because the issue that I have is that my RM7 media files are all “linked”. Yet when I import into RM8 it shows 1 file as being unlinked. A manual scan of the media gallery (both in list and thumbnails) has not located the rogue file (but there are over 8,000 media files). But neither did the search using the above process (it only found the ones deliberately broken).

I’m stumped how else to find that 1 rogue file, but I posted this as I’m hoping the above process might help others find broken links without resorting to eyeballing a sometimes very long media list! :grinning: