RM8 keeps freezing

I have a lot of broken links for media in my program. I’m trying to delete them all and I have to do them one at a time, as I find no way to do a mass delete. After about 10 deletions the program freezes and I have to restart the computer. Any suggestions? I just want to clean up my files.

Hi NickiZ,
I’m not sure why you might have chosen to delete your media to solve the broken links issue – did you know that there is a “Fix Broken Media Links” under the 3 dot menu on the Media View (third item)? Select this, and if the actual media name has not changed (just the folder / filepath where it is filed), then you should be able to reconnect everything. Just select the drive / folder where the media might have been moved to and the system will do the rest!

However, if you’ve changed the name of the media item, you can reconnect by going into the relevant Edit Media screen and under the Filename option, select the little folder icon at the end of the box, and then navigate to the newly named media. This will then recreate the media link!

(I hope this makes sense, I’m not good at explaining but just want to provide some assistance :blush: ).


Thanks, Jill!
I was able to fix 528 broken media links this way. Just 1376 to go! :wink:

That’s great @Helen_CO_USA - sounds as if you’ve made some fabulous progress!
I’m sorry but I don’t have any other suggestions for the remaining unlinked media - perhaps someone else with more experience has some tips they could share.