Feedback about media management

I just upgraded last week to RM9 and was really disappointed to see that I cannot delete multiple broken links simultaneously. I was able to remove appendages to some file names which relinked the file, but hundreds more remain broken and I definitely don’t have time to go to each one, select it, click trash can icon and click ok.

It would be very helpful to have a filter and tick boxes with multiple selections enabled to remove those links. I understand that some may have several tags attached. That can be overcome by providing a global setting to automatically remove tags when removing links or within the media section itself.

It’s hard to keep files organized when these management problems exist. This has been an ongoing issue for me since I’ve had RM-version 6. Not trying to be harsh, but I cannot upgrade past 9 until this is resolved. Everything else fills all my needs… it’s just this one thing. Thanks.

It doesn’t address your larger issue, but the media tags are not a problem when deleting a media file from RM. When a media file is deleted from RM, all its media tags are deleted at teh same time, even if there were dozens or hundreds of them.

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When you upgraded to RM9, were you upgrading from RM8, or were you upgrading from RM7 or even an earlier version? The reason I’m asking is that RM8 and RM9 handle media links in the same way, but RM7 and other previous versions handle media links in a different way.

But let’s suppose you were upgrading from RM7 to RM9. Were the media links already broken in RM7? Upgrading from RM7 to RM9 shouldn’t break any media links.

Let’s still suppose you were upgrading from RM7 to RM9. Did you set the default media folder in RM9? And most importantly, if you did set the default media folder in RM9, did you set it before or after you imported from RM7 to RM9?

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