Ancestors and relation to home person

I see that the relationship status shows, as far as mothers, fathers and children. When I choose a Great Grandparent, and beyond it does not show, that I can find the relationship status to the home person. Is it not available? Will this be a future update?

It actually does show relationship status to great-grandparents and beyond. You don’t say what version of RM you are using, but relationships status isn’t dynamic, which means that periodically you need to set the relationships.

I am assuming you are using RM9 and have yourself set as the root person. If so, then follow the steps here:

Note that you will NOT get step relationships with this, nor will you get half relationships.


Thanks for this. I had all kinds of weird relationships like I was set to 26th great granddaughter. But to whom? And how the heck did whoever that person is get set?

But using the person, edit pencil, set relationships now gets it all set in relation to me.

It would be nice if the relationship line on each person mentioned to whom.