An RM8 Slowdown a Couple of Weeks Ago

I didn’t report it at the time, but I encountered a severe RM8 slowdown a couple of weeks ago.

I sat down at my computer first thing in the morning to answer some emails and to respond to any posts on RM’s Online Community and on RM’s Facebook page. Often when I’m responding on RM’s forums, I first will run through the scenario in RM that I’m describing to try to be sure that I’m describing things accurately. In this case, I was using an RM8 database that was a recent copy from my production RM7 database. All I needed to do was to enter a new person who was not connected to any other person into my database using the Add Person function, and then I needed to add a child to that person. RM8 was running profoundly slowly and I had never before encountered any slowness when entering new people into my RM8 database.

I was able to solve the problem fairly quickly. I had left RM8 running overnight without shutting it down. The last thing I had done on RM8 the day before was to create a group based on the criterion Birth => Date => Is Blank. I then filtered the Index in the left side bar by the group. I have much experience with such group filtering causing RM8 to run extremely slowly in everything it does, and I was simply verifying that the slowness was still there in the most current version of RM8, namely The slowness was indeed still there.

Because I had left RM8 running overnight with the group filter still in place on the Index tab in the left side bar, the slowness was still there when I started using RM8 the next morning. But I had literally slept since the day before, so I had forgotten that I had left the filter in place. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that I needed to turn the filter off.

This very slow filtering also affects People List view when it is filtered by a group. And the slow group filtering appears to be a part of a larger problem that I have spoken about many times where the RM8 style of doing an Advanced Search can be extremely slow. So this is not a new problem at all. It just manifested itself in a slightly different way this time.