Added Options for Proof Field/Column?


I wondered if would be possible to add some options to the Proof field/column for facts. There are some facts that are Suspect (not yet proved, disproved, or disputed). Other facts are Inferred from a source (e.g., In US censuses before 1850 one can infer wives and children sometimes from the information. Or without a death record, a will’s probate date provides a prior-to date for the death). It would be helpful to include these options for the Proof field.
Thank you for considering.
Paul Pennington

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RM’s proof fields are based on the official Genealogical Proof Standard. So I’m doubtful that RM’s proof fields will be changed.

That being said, as a sample size of one I am of the opinion that the Genealogical Proof Standard has some very serious problems. But just because one person thinks it has some very serious problems doesn’t mean that the standard itself is going to be changed.


Thanks for the response. That makes sense from a strict genealogical proof standard. I would agree (so sample size of 2) that limiting proof to the three options is problematic. Some absolute proof will never be available, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t substantial circumstantial, corroborative evidence for suspected facts. I’d like to see a way to include that.

I do appreciate your experienced and insightful comments on genealogy in general and RM.

Paul Pennington

If left without a proof setting it would indicate it hasn’t been proven. You could also add a Task to the fact to show more research is needed.


I understand both of those. I do have tasks set for ones I am researching. However, it would be helpful, when reviewing the Facts for an individual, if I could flag them as suspect or inferred when reviewing what I have and noting tentative decisions based on available evidence.

And as I write that, I suppose I could treat both suspect and inferred as Disputed. In both instances I don’t have definite proof, the evidence is equivocal. So that may be my path forward for the Proof field. Sometimes thinking through a response gets the wheels going in another direction.

Thank you for the response.

Paul Pennington


I tried the Disputed option for a fact. It crossed it out and turned it red. That really does not do what I need. So I’ll find another route for my notes.