Group of persons with a DNA connection

The whole reason that I purchased RM (started at 7) was so I could manipulate the data from my Ancestry tree. Since RM didn’t have the fields I needed, I created custom facts. I am able to group subsets of people based on the values in these fields. I manage the trees and DNA of my sister, my step-mother, my daughter, and two of my grandchildren. I am excited about the Leeds Report. This should be very helpful in researching Unidentified DNA Matches (I use these to help me validate that I am on the right track with my trees/research)

I have started entering data in the new fields, but I can see that I will still need my custom fields for Haplogroups, existence of the X chromosome match, the point at which our trees connect and our most recent common ancestor.

My question: As I work on migrating the DNA info is there a way to create a group that still needs to be done - using fields or facts to create the group? Or alternatively, how do I create a list of all persons who have a DNA relationship? I would prefer not to have to individually add and subtract persons from the list.

Feature request: add additional fields for haplogroups, etc. - or the ability to create our own custom facts/fields within the DNA table.

At this point I am wondering if it is worth the time and effort to migrate the DNA data for over 400 people before any new fields are available. I see others are also asking for more fields so I assume there will be updates soon?

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Unfortunately just because you ask does NOT mean it will happen anytime soon–according to some of the people on here, some of the requests for a feature update ( not DNA or anything in RM 10) were also requested a long time ago BUT it is nice to see some of them have made it into RM 10-- basically right now support will be dealing with issues that crop up in RM 10–after that the might have time to work on other things BUT as Renee has said every time they try to correct a problem or add something else, they 1st have to make sure it doesn’t create another problem–BUT it is good to know they are listening and trying…

In my opinion, I would go ahead and fill in the info you can on everybody and later when they do update, it will be easier to do…

As for a group, you probably could create a group using 1 or maybe more of your custom facts-- or lack of that custom fact…

I have a group for each DNA kit that I manage and I have a custom DNA fact. Every time I add a DNA match I simple add that match to the group they belong to. I use the people view to view each group. I also have a group the show everyone with a DNA fact. I have a color code set for DNA and different colors for each kit and other DNA stuff.

It’s simple to update as I add each match. Something to consider.

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Thanks, yes, this is very similar to what I have been doing. Now that RM10 has a new DNA feature I’m trying to figure out the best way to use it. I like the relationship feature, but it doesn’t provide as much information or flexibility as the custom facts and groups that I have already developed; and, it’s a lot of work to migrate the data. So far, my Leeds Report is not working out very well and I was wondering how having multiple entries for one person will impact that report.

I agree. I need fields like common ancestor, Hepla Groups, etc. I also want to hide the Rel (DNA) as it is worthless for anyone who is really doing DNA. Who knows maybe in version 14 it might be what it should be.

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