Add Problem Alerts indication on Person Edit

Concerning an individual’s facts that generate a Problem Alert on the People tab view’s frames e.g., Pedigree, Family View.
When a Problem Alert is generated for a person’ fact, their is no indication on the Person Edit window (that I found) that repeats the conflicting information message as a reference, might be I nice user-friendly feature to RM8.

This was especially obvious when I was reviewing the Problem List window entries, quickly selecting the Edit Person window for each, scrolling to find the offending facts and wanting to re-read the error message. I found myself repeatedly being forced to close the Edit Person, re-read the Problem List message, then re-edit the person to find the offending facts.
Also, when the Problem List window is open, you cannot minimize that Edit Person window or have multiple ones open like you can from the People tab view. That also might be I nice user-friendly feature to RM8.

Finally, a RM7-8 transition learning curve tip. The Problem List can be found in two places. I first found it on the Command Palette icon, took about 5 minutes the first time (I see that Palette icon visually and intuitively think ‘change window colors’, not ‘program features & tools’). Also, repeating what JillV wrote in another thread, “can be found in the People view under the tools icon (the crossed spanner and wrench)”

@Gjohn When you are looking at someone with an identified problem, look up in the focus person panel (mine is top left but a setting can shift that panel to t’other side)

You can click on the red /white problem icon and see what it is.
You can do this while you have the edit window open, although to bring the edit window back into focus you will have to select it from the open window list at the bottom of the screen

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think it will work specifically when using the Problem List. I concur that is an option during ‘normal’ data entry/editing, but when utilizing the Problem List → Edit Person because you cannot minimize the Edit Person screen when opened from the Problem List window Edit Person button, only close it (unlike the various ways of manipulating the Edit Person window from the People tab).

The suggestion works better on my multi-monitor workstation works where I have lots of screen real-estate, but not so well on my laptop’s smaller screen, lots of clicks resizing/minimizing/maximizing. Admitting some of this is an old dog (me) learning new tricks. Overall, getting in the habit of utilizing the great RM8 feature of multiple Edit Person windows open at once, or in other words the unlearning curve of several longtime RM7-habits. :woozy_face:

Overall, I still think my original suggestion would be a good user-friendly interface change, albeit a low priority to other issues.