RM 8 Problem Alerts

can a report be made for Problem Alerts? if so how?

Hi Frazid,

To print a report of problems, go to the command palette and type in ‘problem”.

Select “problem list”, and then select the parameters you’d like to report.

Select Ok. The people that are problematic based on the criteria entered will be listed. There is the option to print this list, as well as adding the problem to the task list, or classifying the person as “not a problem”.

(The above assumes RM8 - I’m sorry but I can’t remember how to access the problem list using RM7 :slight_smile: )

On the People page click on the Tools (wrench) menu and select Problem List. Select your settings and click OK. On the results page is a Print button. If you want the report specific to an individual use the person tools by their name. Select Problem Alerts and then Print.

Thank You. I am getting blind.