Access Error when viewing/doing edits with sources

Don’t you mean 10k people and 41,525 citations. How could you have more people than citations?

There are a lot of “name collectors” out there who don’t document sources. They just graft branches from online trees onto their own with little regard for accuracy.


Another mac tool to hint at access violation error causes for tech support is the Monit widget. It will show the top 5 processes and their % cpu usage and RAM mb. Activity monitor shows more detail but it is split up by process rather than application.

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Fingers crossed that someone on the development team is interested!

Egad! Now I’m confronting the need to upgrade from Mojave in order to try the Monit widget! (The residuals of my obsessive-compulsive condition cannot resist the intrigue of doing something potentially more useful than just cleaning up my database! :roll_eyes:) On the other hand, could my outdated OS (Mojave) be at the root of my Access Violation problems?!!! Help?!

As much as I hate to say this, MEA CULPA! All my complaints about Access Violation errors were my fault! After updating my system from Mohave to Monterey, 12.1, no more access error messages! So much for trying to get by with older OSs!

That is good news. I am stuck on Catalina since Big Sur would brick my 2014 MBP and Monterey will not run on it. Have not other people on M1 macs been getting AVs?

Alas, I can offer nothing more than sympathy. :worried:

Well after a break of a number of weeks not opening RM8 and two updates later, installed RM8 ver 8.1.5. Open a very, very, very small database with 5 people and a handful of sources and media. Opened a Person window, moved it to the side, clicked on the Source menu, closed the Person window and voila, Access Violation error. RM8, Mac OS Monterey 12.1, Intel Mac late 2015 5K. Nothing has changed so no point in persisting further. I will keep checking in on the forum to see if further updates bring any improvement some day. :unamused:

That’s a stunner! You are talking an Intel Core i5 in your system, are you not? Until now, I have never been adequately appreciative of my 4.2 GHz, Quad-Core Intel Core i7! RM8 is an extraordinarily demanding program!!! Whew!

Damn! Now I have to “eat crow”! Just got another Access Violation error when trying to create a duplicate records list!
Back to ol’ reliable RM7. :confused:

No Intel i7, max RAM, 2Tb fusion drive and maxed out graphics card.

Well, that pretty much settles it! Time now to give RM8 some space to get through its growing/maturing pains.

I have moved from RM6 to RM8. RM6 was running on windows partition using Parallels. Went to RM8 to be Mac OS only. Intel i5 25G memory Catalina OS. I was able import RM6 DB directly into RM8. (on same computer). 77K+ individuals.
I am getting access violations all of the time. About every 5 entries. Mostly when adding facts. Some times when I enter all 3 times date, place, and source. It loads the fact but drops the date and place with NO access error. It really goes nuts when you add an individual with all of the information at one time, birth date place, death date place, and burial place. access errors and dropped data. Also bad when add info to a new individual. I have reverted to doing one thing at a time - census date, close individual, reopen ad census place, close open, add source.

RM version 8.1.5 Have been in contact with MR help desk via email.
I even gave them access to my computer. They ran all of utilities No help

I’m using a brand new MacAir - RM is constantly & randomly generating access errors. It happens within minutes of starting the program. All I want to do is work in the program without constantly restarting. I’m not a interested in the technical aspects of why or what machine it will work on. RM continues to fail miserably in the Apple Environment.

It looks like you already know that it not reliable on mac. So, it looks like you have 2 options: buy a windows pc or buy other software.
Also, I doubt that the access errors are random. There is probably one or more sets of undiagnosed events that are causing them. On computers, it is very rare for something to happen truly randomly.

This was an infrequent if not rare issue in RM7 on MAC. It became such a headache with RM8 that after RM7 was no longer supported, I stopped using RM altogether until there was some evidence that the issue was resolved. Clearly, that is not yet!