217 Argument Out of Range after Upgrade

Windows 10. I skipped and just now updated from to

Following the update, I was doing a lot of work in RM where I used the Index sidebar a great deal, moving around and looking a lot of people. The result was a 217 Argument Out Range error. This kind of activity has been a common and not totally repeatable way to create the 217 error. I just wanted to report that the error still seems to be there after the upgrade.

Yes, that particular issue was not part of 9.1.5.

I do not see this error often and I have not been able to to repeat it (though I did not try exhaustively to do so). It tends (seems to) occur more when you are making lots of changes and/or additions. I suspected that maybe some field had a value that RM did not like or also wonder if it had to do with the indexes needing to be manually updated but those were only randoms thoughts speculation