WikiTree Connectivity

It would be great to see connectivity to WikiTree similar to FamilySearch. Any plans for this in the future?

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That has nothing to do with RM. Wikitree would need to develop and make available something called an API which would allow the two systems to exchange data.

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I agree, Wikitree connectivity would be great. Not from a point of connecting the tree but like FindMyPast and MYHeritage hints it could do a search of WikiTree with name date to give possible matching profiles.

Then you might want to follow up with Wikitree to find out if they plan to create an API for third parties to use to connect to their system.

WikiTree has an API, documentation is here: GitHub - wikitree/wikitree-api: Documentation and examples for using the API

I agree, WikiTree has grown, and most of the profiles are very well sourced … not all, but then again I have been finding many unsourced profiles in Family Search. And I knew that WikiTree did already have that API, I recall a detailed discussion about it. Ceiriog did great job finding the link to it.

Oh boy, an API! Not very robust and I really doubt adequate for what Rootsmagic would need. Doesn’t appear to be any methods exposed that could be used for hinting. Retrieving information seems to either require a Wikitree ID or a UserID. WikiTree ID is probably out of the question and the UserID seems to require authentication to WikiTree first in order to get a token to use to access the site.

I am guessing that will take some number of hours t and a whole lot of headache on RM’s part. With the things still on the plate to make RM8 as useful as RM7, I don’t see them wasting much time on it for awhile.

Isn’t WikiTree result included in MyHeritage?

“It does appear that Wikitree no longer appears as a collection on MyHeritage. You can see a web cache of how it previously appeared: It’s no longer an option: Other family trees - MyHeritage. I don’t know if it’s permanent, but it sure seems like it.”

answered Oct 11 by Kerry Larson

Not anymore! Besides, since no one is getting MyHeritage webhints, we wouldn’t see it anyway.

Yeah, I no! I almost hesitated to ask because of it. I knew I used to see WikiTree results with one of the third parties. I haven’t been successful on WikiTree finding a search box that will work with adding a custom WebSearch in RM.

As of Yesterday, My Heritage hints are working again for me