Asking about suggestions for a feature

Asking because I have seen no one, individual or software that has the ability to do what I want to do.
The new Association feature is what made me thing of this.
I would like to be able to download all my matches from particular or not particular DNA sites.
Add them to a database within Roots Magic and then be able to associate them to matches in my known tree.
If this make any sense to anyone. Really getting tired of adding individuals one at a time.

The problem with this is that none of the sites that I know of will let you mass download matches. If they did, you would need them to turn the matches into a GEDCOM or some other type file that could be imported into RM. If you got that far, then the connections/associations are still going to be very much a manual operation and that is assuming you are going to only attach the matches to yourself and not everyone in your tree that they might be related to.

In other words, I really wouldn’t hold my breathe waiting for something to make this happen. One would be very blue!

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I guess I will just code a database and go that way. Thanks for input!