Wiki for RootsMagic 8

Will the link to the Wiki page be added to the Home tab? It seems logical to have it there.


Hitting “F1” from anywhere in RM8 will take you to the wiki page.

Not on my system it doesn’t. Not every keyboard does the same thing with all F-keys.

What does the F1 key do on your system, when in the RootsMagic screens?

On some laptops you may have to press Fn + F1

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It gives me “Searching for wireless display and audio devices.” FUNC+F1 seems to get me to the wiki though.

<<Hitting “F1” from anywhere in RM8 will take you to the wiki page>>
not everywhere, only some places.
I just copied a source template and went to edit my version of it but couldn’t remember the field names and there is NO help or prompt available either from the Source Template (details)

or the Source Template Field add box

via F1 or any other means I could find - happy to be proven wrong.
If anywhere needs help, it’s editting source templates :).
(Fn+F1 adjusts brightness on my MacBookPro)
8.1.1 Mac Catalina -