Preparer information

When publishing a FGS, the settings ask if you want to include preparer information. Even if the box is checked, there is not pop up which lets you fill in the information…As far as I have seen anyway, and I’m blind in one eye and can’t see through the other! So how can I fill in the blanks?

I’m still using RM7, but I assume that RM8 will be more or less the same, under ‘Tools’, ‘File Options’ there is a section for ‘Preparer’, you fill the details in there, you only need do it once then just tick or untick the box on the report that you are doing.

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If you are using Rootsmagic 8, this is from the Rootsmagic help.

Thanks for your suggestion, but RM8 has moved to an iconographic representation in a different place. For the unitiated totally confusing, until directed to an explaination page.

Thanks for the link.
I was able to follow along and found it. However, without your guidance I would not have recognized the scribe icon in the menu bar.

You know how I found the link? I went to and in the search box, in the upper right corner, I typed in ‘preparer information’. The wiki is the new help section and the search box works quite well compared to some that I have used.

That’s great, but i would and i suppose others, do not think to go to a wiki page

You’re cheating yourself if you haven’t clicked EVERY icon in the program and experimented… after having done a backup, of course.

I assumed that you didn’t think of it, hence my attempt to show you a place to check to get your answers faster. RM7 and earlier had built in helpfiles. RM8 still has a help link (in the three dots menu in the upper right corner) however when you click ‘Help’ you get taken to the wiki automagically. Of course there is the possibility that if one doesn’t have an internet connection at the time…

Excellent point, however, some assume someone else has already done that and knows the answer! But self sufficiency is a better policy.

If you are a Windows user just use F1 to get to the Wiki page - this has been the shortcut to Help in Windows programs for years . I assume that there is an equivalent for Mac users.

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you seem the most knowledgeable.
I do not see on the wiki help how to import sources intact from Family Search without having to retype to whole 500 [or so] key strokes. Is there a way to import sources from FS intact to the source list in RM8?

This seems to be an entirely different question to your original subject header which is in respect of “Preparer information”. May I suggest that you start a new post for this topic. The original has already strayed to a discussion on Help and the Wiki.

Thanks, but the question was answered.