RootMagic Wiki Page 8 vs 9

I am mainly asking because I have not yet seen info I am sure other user may be interest.
Just Curious how the Wiki Page is planned to be updated and how it will be noted the different of function available between the two?

Given that the book is already published, you’d think the Wiki content for 9 would be revealed immediately. But the rush to RootsTech might not have spared the resources to do so. Or it’s a marketing subterfuge to promote book sales.

We couldn’t update the wiki without exposing the fact we were working on RM9. So the focus was first on the book for the release. We will be working on the RM9 wiki once things settle down in bit.

While waiting for the RM9 Wiki (or the book to arrive), the videos already published are worth watching. They answered a few questions I had and helped me think through a few scenarios. RM9-YouTube