Whole family immigration

Thanks for admitting me to this group, and hoping to find much needed help. I’m new to RM and am starting with RM9 with latest update on a Mac Ventura system. My question is can I enter a whole family on one immigration entry? i.e., using Father then adding wife and children all in one entry with source added to everyone at once. I don’t see a family grouping for this, or is this where I have to make a family group to make it happen the way I’d like. This would also mean in Census Records where family is all in one household.

Add the family members then add Immigration Fact to the head of family and create the Source. “Share” the Immigration Fact with everyone you want to. Highlight Immigration Fact and in the right panel you will see “Shared”. This will show up on the other people Edit window.

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Here’s the equivalent rm9 link for sharing facts - Sharing facts. The approach Jerry suggested is the simplest way to accomplish what you are looking to do.

If you check out other forum posts you’ll discover that some people prefer to manually recreate each fact, citation and media links even though it’s more laborious because fact sharing is a RM feature that not all other programs support, so shared facts may not transfer to other programs via gedcom. Some people with that concern use the ‘Share Facts’ feature as a tool that makes it easier for them to recreate the fact, citations and media for each person and then remove each person from the share once complete. If you are concerned about being able to seamlessly port your data to other programs you might want to consider those approaches. It’s not a case of right or wrong, rather what works best for you.

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Thank you for your comment Kevin. That puts a different slant on things that I may not want to deal with. It’s too bad they can’t figure out a way to add the whole family to one entry. In my old program I could add them as witnesses to the Person I want to attach them to, and just change the witness sentence to read what ever I wanted it to, I.e, immigrated with parents, or in the household of his/her father, and then I was able to attach parents or just father’s name to the sentence structure. Easy-Peasy and they all come with the same source attached to each of their individual immigration or Census fact. I can’t use this program on a Mac system, which I have migrated to. And am hopelessly looking for something I can feel comfy with.

In that case, you might want to check out sharing facts. It has features - roles and customizable sentences - that sound very similar to what you describe. (It’s possible that your old program had similar potential cross platform gedcom compatible issues.) Others are much more knowledgable in this space. You can search on ‘fact sentences’ in this forum to get a sense of uses; it’s a popular topic of discussion.