Ability to Copy Fact(or share) to Mutiple Family in one step

@rzamor1 can you confirm this type of feature has been asked and is on the list and if not can it be?
Also if you have any questions

I know this topic has been discussed before but I thought it might be a good time to bring it up again based on a thread on the Facebook group. James Clouse was the one who mentioned other software had this feature and it was asked by Terri L’Esperance.

The type of feature has been been mentioned before and I had forgotten FTM does have this feature. I would usefully to show a list of “immediate” family to add for Census or residence and other individual facts. I suppose copying exact copy which then could then be tweaked later. There are of course some other potential complexities such as media, citations, sources – but lets go with simply adding a new fact or adding a new shared fact without getting into those other scenarios. I went back to FTM and did a screenshot as a picture is more helpful usually.

FTM add Fact (Residence used in this case) Copy/Paste to Family Members
(Redid screenshot)

We know the similar queries are already done by FTM with this screen

so if a version of the Select people (from Family) lets call was tweak to filter family immediate family members it could work for this purpose (still keep select the Mark from all list)

The tmg feature, which I like better, is a combination of two separately useful features.
One is copy tag,/fact which could be described as “duplicate a fact” . The new duplicate stays attached to the same person.
Two is move a fact which takes the selected fact and moves it to another person.

I really want the move a fact part of the feature.

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agreed – This would come in use as I have accidentally attached something to wrong person and moving vs deleting and re- adding would save time and effort

The feature suggested to copy/paste a fact to one or more other persons is a major deficiency in RM. The lack of this feature requires unnecessary/duplicate work in data entry especially for census data. Since reporting with currently shared facts does not always include all data in the fact (notes) for all shared persons, the shared fact feature in RM is actually not fully shared. I would like a new option built into the shared fact feature to include copy/paste options and a move option. I used a similar feature in TMG for years and also find it to helpful to use in FTM. Time to catch up!

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Confirming request to copy facts has been reported to development.