Which is better, having "to-go" on a USB drive or laptop, with, of course full RM on pc

I am getting back into Genealogy/RM and setting things up after an absence of a couple of years. Is it better to have the full system on my main pc with a “to-go” on a flash drive or laptop? I can go either way and I can argue both sides. Which do you prefer and why? I’m presuming keeping it all three ways would prove a nightmare for syncing. And given a drive big enough, media on the “to-go” or not?

Why would you want “2-go” on your laptop? You can install the full program there, thanks to RM’s household licence

I would install the full program on whatever machine you will be using for the majority of your research. If its the computer, use that. If it will be on a laptop for portability then install your program (fully) there with your media. Your license (key) covers your entire household, whether its 1 or 5 machines. Now, keeping your files and media organized is going to be the hard part, hence why I first said pick the machine you will do most of your work on. You can always copy your database to move to another machine for a brief period.