RootsMagic 9 To Go App?

Will there be a RootsMagic 9 To Go App?

If so, will it be able to handle a database of 100,000 individuals?

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There already is RMtoGo 9. Click the File menu on the left side menu bar. Can’t say about 100K but it handles my 80K alright.

Thanks! Yes, I see, under “Publish” and then “Shareable Drive”, somewhat hidden.

But I wonder if it will handle a basic RootsMagic 9 file of 500,000 KB plus an accompanying RootsMagic 9 media file of 3,000,000 KB.

Now THAT would be useful.

You asked about RM to GO, not about Shareable Drives. They are two completely different beasts. RM to Go is right where I told you, under the File menu.

The issue is still whether or not it it will handle a basic RootsMagic 9 file of 500,000 KB plus an accompanying RootsMagic 9 media file of 3,000,000 KB.

It? As in Shareable or RMtoGo? The latter, yes, the former, why don’t you try it and let us know. Very few people have a file that size to test with, not to mention few have a folder with 3GB of images…or is this a hypothetical data such as your reference in the post where you suggest some feature enhancements?

RM To-Go does not include the media files. You would need to manually add that to the flash drive if you want them included.

The Shareable Drive does include media. As long as the USB drive has room for the media it shouldn’t have an issue.

Thanks! Good to know. But the media files will have internal addresses for the media items which place them at the initial addresses. Will that get straightened out on the USB drive if the media folder is simply dumped from one location in the installed drive to the USB drive?

Assuming you are referring still to RM To-Go. As long as the media is in a sub-folder to where the database file is, it should find it. Otherwise, you will need to use Fix broken media links, and point to the specific folder.

Excellent. Thanks for the explanation.

I may be a little late here, but I’m confused. Both of these options go on portable media, correct? The difference being that the ‘ToGo’ has the program installed on it. BUT neither of them will run on a tablet - correct? You still have to have a full featured computer to run the program on, either from the ToGo drive, or with RM already installed. Have I got that right?

RM9 is a Windows and mac (well, sort of) program and not an ios or an android app.

Yes, you have that right! If your ‘full featured’ computer runs either MacOS or Windows, then it can be used to run the ToGo or Shareable drive. If your device has any other operating system, then it won’t…except for a few users that have jumped through a bunch of hoops and got it to run on Linux.