Webhints using FindmyPast not working - Any ideas plz

Webhints using FindmyPast not working - Any ideas plz

As it was working yesterday.

All I get now is a FindmyPast error page "Oops something went wong, please try again later.

Find My Past hints working fine for me at this moment (UK). Sounds like a Find My Pasts issue - usually occurs when very busy.

Try clearing your browser cache.

I find that the FindMyPast hints only work intermittently and then only partially. I tried clearing my browser cache and some hints appeared but nothing like the number that I get if I go to the FindMyPast website. Other times they have appeared and then after a while they’ve disappeared. I’ve just closed the tree and reopened it and they have now appeared for a different random subset of people! Any ideas?

Your observations sounds about right. There is a difference in the results Findmypast sends us through the hinting API and what you could see on a person they added to your tree. The hash of search terms we send them are regenerated. They don’t store them.

When I click on the number, e.g. under Pending, in RM8, the browser tab that opens says “{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Invalid cookie header"}”, i.e. the request to findmypast.com/hints-ui is failing.

Looking at the request headers, the cookie header starts with “cookie: nil; velvet=soft; …”. The first element has no key and a value of nil. Does this imply there’s something wrong with my setup?

Try clearing your browser cache. Then sign-in on the Findmypast website and accept cookies.

Hi - sorry for the delay in repsonding.

Still cannot get findmypast.com to work directly from the Rootsmagic/Webhints on my default Firefox browser.

But if I copy the URL from Firefox and enter it into Edge or Chrome, the page comes up fine.

Apart from changing my default browser, is there a way of just allowing Rootsmagic/Webhints/findmypast web pages to be routed to Edge or Chrome.

No, it is all or nothing. You can’t selectively choose which browser opens a specific link.

I use FindmyPast a lot, use Firefox as my main browser and also use Wikitree where I often use links to Firefox in source citations. Clicking on a URL link to a FindmyPast source often causes an error, but copying the URL and pasting it does not. I don’t have to copy it into Edge or Chrome, I just copy it into Firefox and then it works.

Although I don’t have experience of clicking to open these links in other browsers, others tell me that they also get FindmyPast errors. I haven’t yet discovered what causes them when clicking but not when pasting.

Change your default browser setting. You rarely even use it. It’s for the much rarer of occasions when a URL is called from OUTSIDE your typical browsing experience. You ALMOST ALWAYS open the browser of your choice by clicking its own icon and then any URLs you visit are traversed in that browser.

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