Webhints using FindmyPast not working - Any ideas plz

Webhints using FindmyPast not working - Any ideas plz

As it was working yesterday.

All I get now is a FindmyPast error page "Oops something went wong, please try again later.

Find My Past hints working fine for me at this moment (UK). Sounds like a Find My Pasts issue - usually occurs when very busy.

Try clearing your browser cache.

I find that the FindMyPast hints only work intermittently and then only partially. I tried clearing my browser cache and some hints appeared but nothing like the number that I get if I go to the FindMyPast website. Other times they have appeared and then after a while they’ve disappeared. I’ve just closed the tree and reopened it and they have now appeared for a different random subset of people! Any ideas?

Your observations sounds about right. There is a difference in the results Findmypast sends us through the hinting API and what you could see on a person they added to your tree. The hash of search terms we send them are regenerated. They don’t store them.

When I click on the number, e.g. under Pending, in RM8, the browser tab that opens says “{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Invalid cookie header"}”, i.e. the request to findmypast.com/hints-ui is failing.

Looking at the request headers, the cookie header starts with “cookie: nil; velvet=soft; …”. The first element has no key and a value of nil. Does this imply there’s something wrong with my setup?

Try clearing your browser cache. Then sign-in on the Findmypast website and accept cookies.