Updated tp 8.1.3 problems

Updated ( yesterday, now the cut and paste has gone back to square one!
Also, webhints to FMP have gone back to the error message. I managed to clear it a while ago by clearing out my cookies but seriously do not want to do that everytime RM throws a wobbly.

{“statusCode”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“Invalid cookie header”}
Just had to deleted my cookies again to get it working again

ps… the link defaults to FindMyPast.com instead of FindMyPast.co.uk requesting me to log in again.

Hi jc26red,
It is nice to see someone else in the UK is getting the same problems I have been getting. I have taken up the FindMyPast problem, with both RM and FMP and I believe they are looking at a solution!
As for the cookie problem I am in the same boat as you.