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What exactly is being asked?

I have a findmypast account & RM9 i have ticked the box in RM9 but I am not getting any hints how can I connect to Findmypast ?

Thank’s for your comment’s I cannot connect to my fmp account

Alan Futers

I can find some Findmypast webhints. If the hints have been worked they won’t show unless you have another webhint provider enabled and they have some to show. Are you able to see other provider hints?

I have never seen any hints. I have just joined FMPast can I log in to make it work?

There isn’t any login for Findmypast. It’s only on their website that you need it. Check under Settings, WebHints that you have webhints enabled and Findmypast. Then move around on the Pedigree and Family views to have them generate.

Hi… I have a similar problem. I have all my web hints boxes enabled/checked in RM9 (just as I did in RM8; I have accounts with Ancestry, FMP and FS). However, I still need to manually activate Ancestry Tree Share and the FamilySearch login every time I start RM9 (and RM8). Once that’s been done, FindMyPast hints may then display in RM9 but they usually disappear shortly afterwards. Ancestry and FamilySearch hints tend to stick around. (MyHeritage hints seem… variable).

I’ve tried clearing my browser cache and relogging in and accepting all cookies but it doesn’t improve.


Findmypast WebHints often have that issue. It seems they turn off the Hinting API when they need to reduce serve demand.