Web Hints Do Nothing When I Select Them

I have the same problem of being unable to access my webhints from that menu. Have any of you had successful help from tech support tickets?

I received a reply that they are aware of the problem with some computers and are awaiting a developer tool to correct it.

Joseph R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

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Thank you so much for giving me this info. I will be patient.

Here is the message I received on 10/21/21 from technical support.


Development has been able to duplicate this on one of their computers. They are looking into the issue to determine what is causing it on certain computers. I believe they said it has something to do with the highlight appearing on the drop down list, its only effecting the first option in the list. That is why it loses focus. I cannot say when we will have a resolution but apply updates as they become available.


RootsMagic, Inc.

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Thank you.

Joseph R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

Delighted to see they have identified the problem and been able to replicate my inability to access WebHints.

Particularly that it is indeed related to the factor I suspected - of non-access to the top line of dropdown menu lists generally. It happens for me in Places, Gender & Person Search Advanced too. Await resolution.

I’ve had the same problem with changing the color scheme. I changed it from green and can’t go back. I, too, am happy they can duplicate the problem. Hopefully a fix will come soon. It’s interesting because I don’t have the same problem on my iMac, only my Dell laptop.

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I am running RM8 on a Dell laptop as well.

Joseph R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

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My web hints are non-functional. Also, when searching and finding a record such as Find-A-Grave, if the record contains a bio, I can’t open it up. I have used Family Tree Maker, for years, and think that it’s the best for searching and downloading every kind of record. Easy to use and has very few issues. I’m trying RM because of the data base features, but not going to give up Family Tree Maker any time soon.

I think that the best thing for searching is one’s brain. I don’t download anything though - everything is entered manually so I can’t comment on which is better.

Yes, at first I thought it was just the webhints, but now I am finding I can’t access any of the top line options in a drop down menu. I hope they get a resolution for this soon.

i had this problem with only family search hints showing even though ancestry hints was checked and i had a linked tree. solution was to uncheck all hints and the feature, save the file, reopen it and check hints feature and desired hints.

probably just another bug.

As I have gotten more experience with RM8, what I have experienced has been that, with drop-down lists, the shading of the first option does not change, and I am unable to select it. I have corresponded with RM Support, and they have reproduced the problem with one of their computers. They said they are awaiting a developer tool that will allow them to fix the problem. As it is right now, I am unable to select web hints or the first option when I try to set quality of new sources. It’s a program bug, not a me bug.

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Had my fingers crossed that the update that came out today would fix the problem, but no luck for me.

Me either. I am having to rely on RM7 for web hints. It’s really disappointing RootsMagic isn’t putting more effort into resolving this issue.

Joseph R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

Hi All - GOOD NEWS - Jackson of RM has figured out how to fix this Web Hints problem on PC’s.
With RM8 closed:

  1. Right click on the RootsMagic desktop shortcut
  2. Select Properties>Compatibility tab
  3. Click “Change high DPI settings” button
  4. Check the box “Override high DPI scaling behavior”
  5. Change dropdown to System or System (Enhanced)
  6. Click OK, Apply and OK
  7. Click on the RootsMagic 8 icon in the task bar to open
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I found out about this a couple of days ago. It appears to be working–for now.

Joseph R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

Oddly, I found it necessary to reverse that High DPI override in v8.1.1 because:
A. The pop out menu for WebHints and Problems became transparent to mouse clicks with it in that version
B. It became unnecessary in that version to fix the mouse dislocations problem

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Thank goodness you mentioned that @TomH. I tried unticking and can now access Web Hint light bulbs at last. Internal Web Searches are also now showing inside their window pane instead of a transparent unresponsive block top left. What a relief to be able to research properly for the first time in RM8.

Same here. RM8 on a Dell.