Using the Group feature with the WebTag List

I am using RM 9.1.3 on Win11 and having issues with the Groups feature. I have four groups in this data base which work fine in the Person index view. Using the WebTags List, I’ve run the report several times with different settings in the “Include” option such as a group or a person selected from the list. The output seems to display the “Everyone” as the selection regardless of which group or selection I include in the selection criteria. I’ve tested this with two separate databases and get the same result.

I don’t know if this is related but in the Person view, two of the Groups are always marked in the box. If I uncheck them, the check is present again when I return to that Group view. What does the check in the box mean? I could not find the answer in the RM Online Help. See attached
Screenshot 2024-01-16 110926

The check mark means that she is a member of both groups.

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I just checked and the WebTag List is correctly showing me people in a group. Make sure only the Individual WebTags are selected in the list when filtering people.

Renee, thanks for the clarification on using the “Include” feature in the WebTag list report. I misunderstood how the include feature works. I had expected that by selecting one person or a group of people and checking the object boxes (individual web tags, task, source, citation, place), the report would then list WebTags of all objects associated with the selected person or group. But I now understand the “Include” only works with the individual WebTags for the selection. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your clarification. I am used to looking at a person’s associated groups in the person view instead of the group view. Good catch.