Using MacBook Air with RM8

Need help from MacBook Air users

Maybe a little clarity as to the type of help you’re asking for would bring helpful responses.

Like what do I do to fix this issue? I can’t get into FamilySearch from RM8.

Have you enabled FamilySearch webhints?

Start here and tell us where the issue is and any error messages being received.

FamilySearch Family Tree

FamilySearch WebHints

I did this and I just opened one of my trees and it shows that this is enabled. I’ve been watching a lot of the videos and how do I do a search from my web hints (which window?) I’m not only learning to use RM8 but I’m also trying to figure out how to use a MacBook Air. I formally used Surface windows based computer.

I believe I have. I have a number of files; do I need to go into each file and do that?

Yes, check each of your databases to Enable WebHints

You need some basic guidance to switch easily from a microsoft tablet to the mac OS and a real computer. see the attached jpg. This forum won’t let me upload a PDF with live links.