Unable to print pdf version of Ancestor Chart

When I select Ancestor Chart and attempt to print a pdf, I get a blank sheet in Adobe, a box to send an error report, and then RM8 goes bonkers. See below:

Screen version of chart:

Select Adobe pdf:

Save pdf screen:

Result in Adobe:

Result in RM8:

I have to close RM8, then reopen to return to a screen which isn’t blacked out.

Any thoughts? I’m doing everything the same. This just started today. I’m using Thanks

You might try a 4-gen chart first. If that saves okay, then 5…, 6 until it breaks. Post your issue to tech support along with your database so they can replicate the issue.

Thanks. After opening RM8 and trying it again, it worked and produced a pdf with 10 generations. Thinking further, I recall that this may be a result of not having closed the program overnight, and a simple close and reopening helped in a couple of other cases as well. I’ll keep an eye on it.

I think RM8 has memory leaks. Even leaving a database open for many hours can result in operational errors because of background operations.