Trying to do a match using family search

When I open the family search match screen, in the upper left hand corner I get the number -4934. In the Spouse column D 2 Brickey shows up. No matter how many times I delete the Brickey and put the correct names in, the first screen I get relates to the Brickey spouse. I can clear the form and start again. Even when I do the search for more matches I get these problem.

Can you post a screen shot or two of what you are seeing?

Yes, I can. I thought I had lost you. Sorry for the delay, but have been doing a lot of matching and it really is tiresome.
In the upper left corner is the numer -4939 and spouse is James Brickey

That is the very first person in the People Index list. The People Index list is sorted alphabetically by surname,given. To see that number…click on People in far left menu (below Home and File). The upper left info pane (just to the right of that far left menu) should be showing the pink outline of a woman icon (the wife with no surname nor given) and her Record ID Number -4939.

Looks like you have a bunch of unnamed people showing in the sidebar. People without a name will have a RIN and show a spouse. So it is appearing correctly if that is what you have in the database. No matches will appear until you give them a name and date. When you close out of the FamilySearch Person Tools you should see them in the sidebar index and on the People List this way.

I don’t want her. This screen comes up every “Find a Match” time that I push the button!.

All I got after clicking “people” is some notes of Bach’s melancholy fugue!
I’m trying to find matches with family search.

So what is the most efficient way to delete those “blanks people?”

OK, as I think of your answer, I understand my problem and need to go through each swap, find the spouse, pull them up and delete the unknown spouse of there are no children listed!

Perhaps you can help me.
I’ve gone through all my blank leading names and put in either no name, or no name given in information for the spouses information.
I have one entry left with number -36345 which has no information in it. (All columns are blank). How can I search just in RM for that number. In PAF I could do a RIN search. I don’t see that in RM8.

On the Search screen it is called Rec #rootsmagic

You can also enter RINs where you see search boxes for names. Everyone without a name should be listed at the top of the sidebar index or People List.

Ok so I did this for -36345 and it returns "no match found>=

OK, I clicked on the blank record on the index. The person came up with no name, and no parents or spouse listed.
I named her A B C. She was imported from a GEDCOM file in 2000.
Since she is not linked to anyone as a child other than Add Father, Add Mother I might as well delete her. I don’t see a button to do that under details, edit.
Any suggestions.

Delete is a high level function… in Pedigree view, Family view, Descendants view, People List view, or Couple List view …just click on A B C’s screen representation to give it focus, then press Delete key on keyboard -or- right-click upon them and choose Delete->Delete person

Before you delete it, go to the Person list, sort the list after the Rec # and check if the numberers neat to 36345 could have a missing person. That happened to me.

That sounds like a good idea.

Why does RM default to the first name on the index, instead of to the person highlighted in the person view?

Say I’m looking at the person of Leif, Karl and I want to match him/her. I press find match and the first name on the index comes up so I have to retype the correct person to search for.