Possible bug in the Person Search page

In entering just a surname in the person search page.

Why does it display a host of other names that do not have the search surname in them.

Screenshot 2023-09-05 185547

It could be my understanding of what the output of doing a search is.

If you remove the surname from that field you will see it says “Surname (or married name)”. The women being displayed are more than likely married to someone by that last name. It could also be an alternate name fact for them.

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That particular simple search only has one option, namely to search for surname or married surname so you are seeing women who married a man named Goodyer. If you want to search only for the surname, you can instead use the Advanced Search which is the second icon from the left at the top of the same search screen.

It might be useful if the simple search had an option to search by both surname and married surname or to search only by surname. For example, there are check boxes for Close Match and for Match Case and maybe there could be a third check box for Surname only vs. Surname or Married Surname. But it presently doesn’t work that way.

Another alternative is that you can filter the sidebar Index by just the surname or you can filter People List View by just the surname.

Another alternative is that you can make groups based on a broad set of criteria, and the criteria can be just the surname, or the surname or married surname. Groups can then be used as filters in the sidebar Index or in People List view.

Thanks, I really did not not notice that the other none search surnames were all women. Makes sense now.

I presume, as not checked, it only picks up women who are married ?? and not living with.

Would also be handy to have ‘sorting’ on each of the output colums. As my next task is to find the statistics of birthplaces (ie how many live in a town or county etc)

I can see things will have to change in the future, due to all this ‘wokery’ going on, with people changing identity, names, sex, same sex partnerships. Obviously this may not be in agreement worldwide.

The married surname is considered even if there is no marriage fact for the couple.

You may want to create a group so you can filter on other fields in the People List view.