Person and Spouse Search

There needs to be a way to search for a person when all you have is their name and their spouse’s first or last name. For example, John Furr with a spouse named Nichole.

Try the “Search Box” in the upper right corner of the Couple View and use “Furr, John”


Putting furr, john in the Search box in Couple List view is usually sufficient. But having done so, it can sometimes help also to click at the top of the Mother column to sort by that column. If you had a bunch of men in your database named John Furr, the sorting by the Mother column might make it easier to find Nichole.

Also, you normally enter furr, john into the search box without the quotes. But if you do it that way, it will also find any surnames which include the string furr. For example, if I filter in my database by the string smith I get the Smith surname and also the Highsmith surname. If you precede the string furr in the search box with a " ( like "furr) it will make sure the surname begins with the string furr.

That being said, it still would be very helpful if things like Advanced Search and making groups supported searching for things like spouse’s names and parent’s names.

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Thank you. I had not noticed the Couple List View. I learn something new about RM9 every day :slight_smile:

Also, thank you for the string search idea. I was not aware of that:-)