Editing Family search numbers

I have found that my RM8 file has a RIN different than a new family search number so the pointer does not got to the correct person on a search for match. How can I edit that.
Also I apparently missed the reply to why my search for matches screen comes up with the number -4932 in the upper left hand corner, and the spouse is shown as D2 Brickey on opening.

The RIN is a different reference number that a FSID. Why are you thinking that the number is the issue?

Because when I do a name search it can’t find him. But when I use the number search it goes to a different relative.

I know the rin is a number put in by my database but the family search number is digit number with a -a nd that’s the one that is different than the family search and the onethat I need to change to match the pointer to.

As I understand it, the FSID may change as a result of a merge in FS. If you had previously matched in RM with a particular FSID in FS and then that FSID becomes ‘obsolete’ as a result of that merge within FS, when you next try within RM to look at the information that FS has for that old FSID, FS should return the data for the updated FSID and RM should then display and store that new FSID. At least, that has been my experience.