Problem with "People not matched" in FamilySearch

Rootsmagic claims that 18 people are not matched in Familysearch but doesn’t show any.

Have You tried marking the Show non-matches checkbox?

Where is that checkbox to be found?

Right side 1/3 way down on the screenshot you posted above.

Nothing changed …

there is another way using filters /groups.

you then can use in People view or index or report etc etc
RM9 & 8 look slight different but same approach

Looks like there are No people in RM, hence the blanks. What happens when you display all the names?

Lots of people. All with a FamilySearch icon.

Doesn’t find any people with blank ID!

Are you sure you have any matches (that are linked)?

I am wonder if you have potential matches but have not actually matched(Linked) them

9942 matched, 18 non matched. No people with missing surnames.

try creating a group and comparing but 1st run the data base tools.
My # matches exactly


Also do you have any custom Family Search Facts?

I created a group according to your suggestion and then deleted it.
Problem solved. Thank you for your assistance. Perfect Job!

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Awesome! although, I am not sure why the regular search did not work for you.
Glad you got it worked out!


If you click at Not Matched, you will get a list over all these 3732. This is not of interest, but the sum of 3732 + 20146 gives the total persons you have in the file. The main work will be to work with View… That will give you more details of persons and a lot of persons that will be matched. I have worked with that the last 3 years, and there is no end, but I have total over 347.000 persons. In the View… I have a little over 100.00 and from time to time the programs generate more persons to work with. I know why I have so many, but that has with new generated data that FS have generated in from Norway.

The technique to filter ( for something like that I tend to prefer groups unless a smaller set of people ). You can adjust the rules to suit your needs (include all (both with or without FSID
or only subset by location etc)