Tree Count not matching RM7 to RM8

RM8 has one more tree count than my imported RM7 tree count. If not an error in import, what report can I run in RM8 to see what I added by date so maybe I can find the extra tree in RM8?
I tried sorting the people list by record number and I have all the last few in both. What else could it be?

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Could it be an unconnected “phantom” person that is giving you this extra tree? Try running Database Tools and see if this has any effect. Close the program first and run it on re-opening

Terry–thank you but to be sure I am doing the correct thing…open RM8, go to people view>tools>data clean>name clean>everyone? That’s the only data clean I could find.
I did also find and ran File>tools>clean phantom records with no difference.

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No Bob, go to the Command Palette, select Database tools and run all of them in order. Best to do this after re-opening the program.

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Terry…ran all of them…still one over in RM8

That rules that one out then. However, it is a good idea to run the Database tools on a regular basis. Can’t think of another reason for the discrepancy at the moment but I’m sure somebody will. Hope so anyway.

But look on the bright side - better to be one over than one short!

I agree…could I safely try to re-import from RM7 but would like to rename it when I do and I don’t see when in the import process I can do that.

If I was going to try a re-import I think I would rename the RM8 tree that you have already imported e.g. change BobsTree.rmtree to BobsTree1.rmtree and then do the re-import. That way you will have two databases and you can delete one later.

Oh, and run Database tools in RM7 before the import (it is under File)

Terry thanks, ran on RM7>renamed RM8 and re-imported and still a new guest at the party…oh well not really a big issue but thank you for your help. Maybe RM7 count is incorrect and RM8 corrects it.

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Run Count Trees in both RM7 and RM8. You can compare numbers in each tree and find where the difference is. Bot RM7 and RM8 can run at the same time.

Bob C. I did run in both. I only have one tree and that count is 1 more in RM8 than in RM7.

Hi @OldBob2 - this might be a bit of work but it is one way that you might be able to determine where the extra person lies.
In both RM7 and RM8 ensure the RIN number is set to show in the options.
In RM7, run the Individual List report, unticking all the “information to include” options as well as selecting no name or place indexes. This will provide you with a simple list of all the people in your tree. Save this as a text file.
Repeat the same in RM8, but this time you could save the report to Excel.
Manipulate the data from the RM7 text file so that you bring it across to the Excel report produced in RM8 (ie - columns side by side by copying the text data into a column of the Excel report from RM8)
Review the results to determine where the extra person lies in RM8 - depending upon the size of your tree a function like IF could help to compare the columns.
I must admit that I’ve not actually tested all of this myself, but I think it might be a way to determine where the extra person has crept in! Hope this helps, hope I’ve explained it adequately, and very much hope you find your person! :slightly_smiling_face:

HI @OldBob2 - I’ve just been reading another post by keithcstone titled “RM 7.7 and RM 8.0.1 suggestion for Database Tools” and it might be worth a read. He’s also come across numeric differences and mentions that “it was suggested by Renee that I drag and drop my database into a new one before I imported it into the RM8 beta. That resolved many of my miscount issues and other oddities…”. I’m not sure if the 2 issues are the same, and I’m not really technical, but just thought it was worth a mention in case it solves your tree count problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

Jill V-Thank you for your detailed help.
I did run the individual reports in both (did not see any options to show a RIN number) and both have the same number of people. Maybe I am not understanding “Trees”. If I run a COUNT TREE report it shows my main tree and the number after is that **number of people in that tree-**right? I have several other trees of only a few people and those match but my main larger one does not by one. .

Yes Bob – it’s my understanding that those numbers should agree and it provides assurance that every person in RM7 has come across to RM8. There was another post where people said that there had been some anomalies with the RM7 database, so I’m wondering if the suggestion of dragging and dropping your RM7 database into a new one, then running the database tools in order, and then migrating that database to RM8 might solve the issue. I’m sorry I can’t offer any more suggestions – hopefully someone else will jump in with some thoughts / solutions.

JillV-than you for all your help. I did rename the rm8 master and ran all database things on rm7 and reimported into RM8 and no luck…still an extra tree but not an extra person. I went to the people section and sorted by Rec # and they are the same…so some phantom is there but I can live with was said before better one extra than one less.

and to answer this bit, just in case it helps you Bob
Go to person view and select the list of peope
make sure that you have the Date Edited as an option on your screen (choose customise if it isn’t already there)
and you can then sort by date edited by clicking on the column header

Thank you…all set now