Thumbnail in database

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What format is the thumbnail field in the person table? Is it proprietary or is its basically a png ?
Has anyone written a scripts to output each field ?
Basically the reason I am asking is since RM has them already built them, it might save me work versus batch creating them. I need to create and upload thumbs manually to my website. and this would save me alot of work. if could use what is already in the RM table. Using RM 8.2.5 Windows 10.

Thanks, Kevin

Sqlite Expert Personal displays thumbnails and basic properties in the cell editor. A quick look at an old RM7 reported JPGs while a recent TreeShare download to RM8 has PNGs. Has there been a switch or is it related to the type of the media files? I’ve not explored enough to answer that question. In both cases, the maximum dimension is 100 pixels.

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Thanks Tom.
100 Pixels should be fine, just thought someone might have had experience. I suppose it would not matter PNG or jpeg/jpg either. (of course naming the file correctly would matter).

basically the output would be “thumb_filename.jpg” or “thumb_filename.png”