Only small images available when published to website

When I publish my database to a personal site, the images are only accessible as thumbnails, no matter what context I click on them in, whether on an individual’s page or in the media gallery. The files on my computer are good resolution, but all the images available on the site seem to be set to a max height or width of 100px.

Is there a way to make larger images available on the site?

Seems I recall the file sizes getting reduced may have been an issue if one published their site and then republished without deleting the site first and starting over. There may also be a size limitation on images. Don’t know the max size restriction, though.

Thanks. I just published the site yesterday for the first time, and none of the images showed larger than 100px. I then republished it with no change. I have images of various sizes, but they all show up at 100px max width/height.