Maximum file size for MyRootsMagic online

Up until I go to 120,000 people in my database, I was able to upload the file to MyRootsMagic online. Once I passed that point, I now get a message that the file is too large. I do not have any photos (so don’t tell me not to upload photos). I also have no interest in breaking up the file into smaller trees. Are there plans to increase the file size capacity for MyRootsMagic? Are there any other solutions that would allow me to upload the entire file to MyRootsMagic?

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Have you tried limiting your facts (to basic facts) and excluding notes?
Also how big is your RM db-- that would give you a good idea. (file size)
Excluding notes might get you close if you have a lot of transcriptions etc

The file size is listed as 222 mg

I wouldn’t hold my breathe for an increase in disk space for your project. Bandwidth and hosting costs money and if your database is being access very much, you can eat up more than a little bandwidth. All which is costing RM money.

Your goal is to get under 200MB. See Note: at bottom of MyRootsMagic

The suggestion by kevync1985 is a great possibility for reduction. Perhaps, the elimination of Custom Facts, then other Facts you deem least important… can add a little shrink. Otherwise, that extra 22MB has gotta come from generation elimination or selective tree pruning.

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So as other have mentioned such as @kbens0n.

  1. Prune notes (this might be undesirable) but might get your under the threshold
  2. uncheck Publish online on less desirable facts
  3. or Tree pruning (less people) if you must publish on MyRootsMagic

Other options using RM would be to publish (Using the Website publish feature) on a low cost host (or if you are lucky free)
Remember RM is giving this space for free include traffic.

Has anyone confirmed that these exclusions and the pruning of Notes actually affect the size of the data stored on the server? I don’t recall that there was an inclusion control in RM7 for Publish to MyRootsMagic- always assumed the entire database was uploaded.

The surest way to a smaller database is to do a restricted GEDCOM to a new database just for publishing, including only what you want. That has the side benefits of leaving behind detritus from deletes and merges, thumbnails, settings, books, unused stuff… all of which takes storage space.

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I was offering the low-loss possibilities, but surely agree with TomH that unchecking the ~Exporting GEDCOM files~ option on least-desireable fact-types followed by a GEDCOM or drag ‘n’ drop of the full database to a scratchpad copy, would be more of a real reducer.